Generating tangible, real life solutions for the injured worker.

TELEPHONIC Case management

Our experienced specialists are skilled at communication, allowing them to clarify the injured worker’s clinical status. Our specialists also have excellent relationships with many medical practices. Information obtained from the telephonic contacts can then be used by the adjuster to determine future claim handling.

task assignment

When a task assignment is received, our specialists focus on the immediate needs of the injured worker and the adjuster. Information is exchanged with the medical professional to address the identified needs.  This information is then communicated to the adjuster promptly, allowing for informed claims decisions.

Claim Review for Risk Reduction

Our medical professionals are willing to review files to assess treatment options. Utilization of this information allows the adjuster to assist the injured worker by optimizing medical care and functional outcomes.

field case management

When a file is received for field case management, our specialists promptly review the records, and identify the needs of the injured worker. They then establish and maintain close communication with the injured worker, providers, employers and customers. This open dialogue assists workers in achieving the highest level of function, making a return to their pre-injury job more feasible.

Medical Case Management, Inc.


vocational assessment and assistance

To achieve swift claim resolution, our vocational experts utilize labor market surveys, vocational disability ratings and comprehensive job analysis.  Placement recommendations are based upon the evaluation results, as well as the injured worker's transferable skills.  We offer specialized experience with claims for longshore and maritime rehabilitation.