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​FEB 7-8       ASIA Conference
FEB 6          Mobile Claims Mtg
FEB 15        Montgomery Claims Mtg
MAR 6         Mobile Claims Mtg
MAR 15       Montgomery Claims Mtg
MAR 29       Alabama DOL Work Comp Seminar
APR 6         Mobile Claims Golf Tournament
APR 18        Montgomery Claims Mtg/Baseball
MAY 1         Mobile Claims Mtg
MAY 3         Alabama DOL Work Comp Seminar
MAY 10-11   AWCO Spring Conference
MAY 17        Montgomery Claims Mtg
JUN 5          Mobile Claims Mtg
JUN 14        Mobile Summer BBQ
JUN 21        Alabama DOL Work Comp Seminar
JUN 21        Montgomery Claims Mtg
AUG 5-7      ASIA Summer Conference
SEP 20         Alabama DOL Work Comp Seminar
OCT 18        Alabama DOL Work Comp Seminar​